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Opolo Lab is a multifaceted company set up by a dynamic and visionary woman in 2019 with the aim to provide solutions to language, employment, and health related challenges observed in some specific areas. To achieve this mission, Opolo Lab provides a range of language services such as translation, interpretation, transcription, subtitling, localization in African, European and Asian languages. A particular attention is given to African languages because we believe it is high time to promote African languages and meet the needs of clients relating to them.

Moreover, we link job hunters with employers through our digital platform TECMA to reduce unemployment and poverty. Our professionalism and proactiveness made our reputation, as testified by our different clients globally. We are aware that it is only a job well done within the agreed deadline that makes a client happy. So, our priority is always our clients’ satisfaction. Furthermore, Opolo Lab's team is made up of both staff and consultant experienced and young competent linguists from all over the world. They provide high quality services with dynamism and passion. We offer our language services in many fields including science, literature, legal, marketing, technology, finance, public sector, automotive and gaming.

In addition to the services it provides, Opolo Lab also sells various products. Details about the products are available on our Facebook page. Feel free to browse our Facebook page to enjoy our special deals.

Currently, Opolo Lab is striving to become one of the prominent language service providers in the world by partnering with different national, regional and international organizations. Opolo Lab is headquartered in Benin Republic with representations in Saudi Arabia, Côte d’Ivoire and Nigeria.



Thiolab is one of Opolo Lab's innovations. THIOLAB is a French acronym that stands for Opolo Lab Instant Human Translation. It is a fast translation provided by men as opposed to machine. Thiolab is a revolutionary service that responds to the need for rapid translation expressed by thousands of businesses and individuals around the world. We live in an era where everything moves fast and a company can lose a great opportunity if language barriers prevent it from understanding a call for bids, submitting a bid on time, or simply communicating with its existing or potential partners.

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OPOLO LAB® Cote d’ivoire

Remblai, Koumassi lot 2323 ilot 56, Opolo Lab, Abidjan

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Bagdaddiyyah Shargiyyah


C/2030, Maison Sacca, Vèdoko, Cotonou, Bénin

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17, Ogbomoso Street, Area 8, Garki II, Abuja