Opolo Training

The domestic and international labour markets are always in need of skilled workforce. But to be among those lucky ones, you need to make room for continuous training. This is crucial and vital in all areas of business. Continuous training aims at building knowledge and capacity of learners. Pierre LOUART defines training as the usual means of teaching employees to build up their skills at work. The suggested initiatives increase technical, operational skills and enhance employees’ know-how; hence prepare them take up new functions. (1998: 99). Furthermore, L. SEIKOU and L. BLONDIN state that training is a set of planned actions, means, techniques, and supports through which employees are encouraged to improve their knowledge, behaviours, attitudes, skills and mental abilities necessary to achieve both organisational and personal or social goals, to adjust to their environment and to adequately perform their current and future tasks (1986 : 315). These authors, through their various definition, have hihglighted the essence of training and its relevance to workers' career and the achievment of a company's goal. For this reason, Opolo Lab offers continuous training programmes for employees; handled by skillful consultants and trainers in various areas of specialisation: law, administratve communication, foreign languages (English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguees), stress managment, vaious IT modules, accounting, marketing and public relations. At Opolo Lab we strive to provide you with all the necessary expertise to achieve your goals. Opolo Lab has a skillful team of experts who are committed and well versed in their task. Our training programmes are geared toward specific needs of trainees. For more information on our continuous training programmes, follow us on social media and on our website. If you want to book a training programme for your staff or yourself, contact us now at +229 64124545 (calls and whatsapp) or .