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Opolo Lab was established with the aim of meeting the needs of users who seek around-the-clock and cost-effective services based on the use of emerging technologies for digitization, automation, robotization and digital modeling, etc.… OPOLO LAB stands out among other industry players; in that it links the services which make life easier for both individuals and organizations. Entrust Opolo Lab with the task of digitizing your books and handouts and you won’t be confronted anymore with the deterioration and dilapidation of such documents. You could then store them for a lifetime on an online storage platform without ever running the risk of losing these valuable data in a natural disaster (flooding, fire and others) Do you desire to design a computer system ? But you don’t seem to know any professional web designer capable of performing such a task in a cost effective and efficient manner? Worry no more! OPOLO LAB would be delighted to handle it for you. We possess the qualified human resources to guarantee the design of IT systems, data modeling and processing. As an executive overwhelmed with routine managerial tasks, contact us right away to proceed to the automation of some of your tasks. This process consists of automating actions, using systems and smart algorithms to discard either partially or fully human interventions. Matter they say, can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another. At Opolo Lab, it doesn’t only apply to hard copies but most importantly to the data that we efficiently store and host. On a regular basis, we partake in projects of pictures and videos collection to train Artificial Intelligence Algorithms. No matter the nature of your Artificial Intelligence Project, email us right now at to experience the best of customer service.